DAVOS Global Risks 2012 : “the dark side of connectivity”


Chaque année, à l’occasion de la petite semaine de sports d’hiver helvète réunissant le gratin mondial, un rapport sur les risques globaux est publié. Au delà du côté anxiogène de l’affaire, il reste toujours plus utile de savoir pour anticiper, que de rester dans l’ignorance… A noter cette année, un chapitre important dédié aux risques technologiques dont les “cyber-attaques” et “défaillances de systèmes critiques“.

Voici un court extrait :

Objectives of Cyber Attacks :


  • Users may not realize when data has been maliciously, surreptitiously modified and make decisions based on the altered data. In the case of advanced military control systems, effects could be catastrophic. National critical infrastructures are increasingly connected to the Internet, often using bandwidth leased from private companies, outside of government protection and oversight.


  • Sufficiently skilled hackers can steal vast quantities of information remotely, including highly sensitive corporate, political and military communications.


  • The Internet can spread false information as easily as true. This can be achieved by hacking websites or by simply designing misinformation that spreads virally. Denial-of-service attacks can prevent people from accessing data, most commonly by using “botnets” to drown the target in requests for data, which leaves no spare capacity to respond to legitimate users.


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